When my daughter was born I was on a mission to find all things girly. I believe in soft and comfortable head candy for baby. All items are handmade so they vary slightly. Custom orders are very very welcomed.

Tuning in and buying tickets

My husband and I love a good t.v. show. I craft or we cuddle and enjoy something after the littles are sleeping. While that does not happen as often as it should, we are very good at keeping a weekly date and seeing movies. I am glad I married someone who enjoys movies as much as I do. It really is our favorite thing to do. This is what I am looking forward to in 2012. 

I really hope that this turns out to be a good show 

I liked the movie and I like Josh Lucas. I love a good law show.

I did not like the first G.I. Joe but this actually looks awesome. May have something to do with the Rock!

No words
Riggins as John Carter. Must see.

Even though the books gave me intense nightmares and I almost teared up when she volunteers in the trailer. I  still want to see this.

Two things:

 Two and a half years later and I am still thrilled/shocked I have a real life doll.
                                                We curled her little tiny hairs!

My Grown up Christmas/Birthday List

My birthday is two weeks after Christmas so I thought I would make it easy on everyone. You can fed Ex these directly to my house, thank you. 

 I never thought I would actually want a pan, but I do. My mother in law creates many a tasty dish in this.
Because birchbox seems to be made for me. A box in the mail of high end beauty products every month for $10! 

I haven't had a pedi in years. I think they are a waste of money except when your toenails are looking as bad as mine. I would skip the french finger looking toe polish.
Yep, I really want utensils. Somehow they always disappear. I would legitimately  be happy with this.
Kyle Richards gorgeous earings that I have been loving all season.

To shop anywhere, anytime
I am in need of a pricey dental repair for a chipped molar. 

Nars blush in Orgasm. 

 These shoes are a 2-3T size! I love them and so does she. If you would like a pair in that size let me know!
More styles to come.

  Had to show the poof and volume I got with a tiny sprinkle of the Got to Be powder

We have been working on a big girl room

Soon I will be finished and I will post pictures. I had a little pit in my stomach as I packed up my baby girl's crib bedding. Bedding that I loved in a room that was perfect to me. A big girl bed was in order and I can't pass up ANY excuse to put something new together. For the past four years we have had a crib or napping baby in our house and now we don't. So strange. Also this no naps thing is killing me. I have implemented an hour of mom is ignoring you, fend for yourself instead, but it is not so good for my mom guilt o meter.
Anywho I was passing by there rooms on Monday and I snapped this. This is kind of what I have wanted since I realized I could be a mom. How lucky I am to have them is not lost on me at all.