When my daughter was born I was on a mission to find all things girly. I believe in soft and comfortable head candy for baby. All items are handmade so they vary slightly. Custom orders are very very welcomed.

We have been working on a big girl room

Soon I will be finished and I will post pictures. I had a little pit in my stomach as I packed up my baby girl's crib bedding. Bedding that I loved in a room that was perfect to me. A big girl bed was in order and I can't pass up ANY excuse to put something new together. For the past four years we have had a crib or napping baby in our house and now we don't. So strange. Also this no naps thing is killing me. I have implemented an hour of mom is ignoring you, fend for yourself instead, but it is not so good for my mom guilt o meter.
Anywho I was passing by there rooms on Monday and I snapped this. This is kind of what I have wanted since I realized I could be a mom. How lucky I am to have them is not lost on me at all.

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  1. I love their rooms...and so clean too :) My kids clean up their room and mess it up 2 seconds later.