When my daughter was born I was on a mission to find all things girly. I believe in soft and comfortable head candy for baby. All items are handmade so they vary slightly. Custom orders are very very welcomed.


I am wearing a t-shirt necklace/scarf I made last year and I love it. It really adds the perfect amount of warmth for hot Phx. This day I took the kids to see Puss N Boots, dollar store run and put Christmas decorations up. I was really comfy and Ava told me my bum was so cute.

I really have no good lighting by any of the mirrors in my house. I WILL get better at photographing myself even though I feel so silly. Too bad my inner teen isn't here because I was all about photographing myself when I was 16.

Hair Poof

I have a friend who  has the perfect poof/tease always going on. It's not Snooki at all. I had to run to her house before she left town last week to drop something off, before she left she helped me have cute hair by poofing and making cute buns. She is always sporting this do at church and I had hair envy. I loved how it turned out and wore it for two days and two showers. I still loved it after every male at Thanksgiving dinner called me Sporty Spice.

Her secret to the tease was this precious powder.

 During my black Friday Ulta trip I checked this stuff out and compared the ingredients to this powder below. The ingredients were the same and the price went from $22 to $5.99. I have used it every day since then and I love it. This product really holds a tease and can rough hair up a bit in a a good way. It is a chalky substance and will literally make your roots stand up. Just had to share my find.
 My four year old is swiftly becoming my photographer/assistant. 
My hair looks amazzzzzzzzing

I swear this red head lovey came out of me. Looking at these pictures made me a little sad. I wish we looked a little more similar. She looks like my mom's baby or even my soon to be sister in laws more than mine.

We sure are kindred spirits though.