When my daughter was born I was on a mission to find all things girly. I believe in soft and comfortable head candy for baby. All items are handmade so they vary slightly. Custom orders are very very welcomed.


Free shipping to the U.S. through November! Come and get your order. Or, if you have a special occasion, family picture or just want something unique please email me fromjennaeve@gmail.com. Custom orders are my favorite thing because I really get to flex my creative muscles and someone gets a one of a kind gem. Here are a few I have done.

Put a snug headband on top of your head. Start out ojn one side and wrap hair around the headband. Continue to the back and tuck the leftover hair in. This hair-do is so easy and I can do it right out of the shower and the next day my hair will smell good and have soft curls.
I especially like how it looks from the side.