When my daughter was born I was on a mission to find all things girly. I believe in soft and comfortable head candy for baby. All items are handmade so they vary slightly. Custom orders are very very welcomed.


Really could you pick just one pair? All of these are about 6-12 month size. But most can be made for any size.I have a MAJOR thing with baby shoes. My lil babe always has a nice array because anything in Tiny is cute. If I had to choose going out for dinner or baby shoes, you know which one I would choose. I try this on my hubs and he just cannot see my point. How many times have I said, let's take our dinner money and see what we can get at this store or better yet a thrift store. No dice, it has never worked. Nothing stands between my man and Red Robin.-Yum

We are giving the above pair away! These would make a great gift or be adorbs on your baby. 
Nothing fussy to enter just leave a comment. 


  1. These shoes are so cute! I would love to win them!

  2. What cute shoes! They would be a great way to impress my new sister-in-law (who is the mother of two girls) at Christmas!

  3. so so cute! i would love them for my little girl!

  4. Found you on Instagram through Whippycake. Super cute shoes!